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Blockchain Engineer

Venkatesh Rajendran

4+ Years of experience in Blockchain

-> Specialized in EVM and Solidity smart contracts

-> Specialized in GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, DAO, SocialFi and Account Abstraction.

-> Specialized in building off chain infrastructures
and backend systems

Solidity | Rust | Javascript

Dive into the world of Crypto

Do you want me to work for you ?

Yul Assembly
Anchor Lang
SPL Token
Security Audits
Invarient Testing
Fuzz testing
Account Abstraction
Static Analysis

My Blockchain Mastery Skills

    • Building an decentralised AI and Web3 powered Spark protocol which makes an NFT into NPC with AI and web3 features such as AI Chat, Game model, p2p chat, NFT to video generation and etc.

    • Led the team in building a web3 tournament protocol for web3 games which enables web 2 developers to turn their games into web3 game with Crypto Payouts, rewards, on chain marketplace and etc.

    • Architected the web3 tokenization models and built a omnichain ERC20 tokens with Staking, Vesting, and Governance with LayerZero stack.

    • Built an secured and complex customisable and equippable NFTs with in-game avatar builder for the gameplay mechanics along with the accumulation of on-chain points and badges with ERC6551 tokenbound standard.

    • Led the entire development team and collaborated with cross-functional teams to streamline the development, design and release lifecylces to achieve stake holders requirements and expectations.

    • Performed an inhouse security audits and gas optimization for numerous smart contracts and coordinated along with external audit teams as well.

    • Architected and built several off chain infrastructures and data indexers for our web3 games to support single player and multiplayer web3 game mechanics.

    • Architected and built autonomous backend systems with the help of Chainlink and Account abstraction stack to automate on chain game mechanics, nonce and gas management system with AA paymasters and user operations.

    • Leading the development team on building the omnichain DeFi swap protocol which includes OTC swap, NFT swap and Dex swap with the help of Zetachain EVM.

    • Leading the development team on building a GameFi protocol which provides web 3 education, web 3 social media for games and various on-chain quest and rewards for web 3 game monetization.

    • Involved in the various DeFi protocols research and providing guidance to the peer developers on building secured DeFi smart contracts.

    • Leading the enitre tech team on various fronts such as smart contracts, backend and frontend development to develop innovative web3 applications.

    • Architected the web3 tokenization models and built a omnichain ERC20 tokens via LayerZero stack.

    • Led the backend team on building an on-chain secondary music concert NFT ticket selling marketplace for US audience.

    • Integrated various powerful crypto payment gateway, fiat on-ramp and off-ramps such as Circle, Magic to enable better user experience for ticket selling and buying for end users.

    • Built a decentralized on-chain profile and reputation HR system that tracks and provides proof or attestation of the user's work experience and reputation for employment.

    • Collaborated with DevOps team to integrate various AWS services such as S3, SNS, SES, Lambda, API Gateway and Led the backed build release lifecycle with Tech lead.

My Work Experience

Smart Contract Specialist

Expertise in creating a secured and complex smart contracts for EVM and Solana ecosystems. Specialized in GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, DAO, AA, etc.

Web3 Security Specialist

Security minded and capable of performing an inhouse audit with deep security tests with Static Analysis, Fuzzing, invariants testing.

Quality & Optimization

Capable of performing low and high level optimizations with Solidity, Yul and developing high quality and reusable smart contracts.

Full Stack

Experienced full stack development and having an indepth knowledge in end to end product development and guidance.

Mastery in backend technology who can architect and develop P2P systems and off chain web2 backend systems for Dapps.

Backend Systems


Tech Lead who can drive the product development and provide tech guidance for the teams to build complex web3 projects.

My Key Specialization, Let's dive in

Some of my work samples, Let's have a sneak peak 

Account Abstraction

Solana Dex Protocol

Web3 Tournaments


Dynamic Equippable NFTs

Staking Rewards

Token Vesting


What I can do for you in blockchain ?

  •  I can help building the following features with ease:

    • Build off chain infrastructure for your web3 games.

    • Build on chain game mechanics and smart contracts.

    • Build ERC 721, ERC 20, ERC 1155 for in-game items.

    • Build ERC 6551 supported gaming NFTs.

    • Build backend APIs for single player and multiplayer games.

    • Build customized NFTS, Dynamic NFTs, Soulbound tokens, etc...

    • Build data indexer or subgraph for game mechanics.

  •  I can help building the following features with ease:

    • Build ERC 721 token smart contracts.

    • Build ERC 1155 token smart contracts.

    • Build ERC 6551 token bound account contracts.

    • Build ERC 4626 Token Vault smart contracts.

    • Build ERC 4337 account abstraction smart contracts.

    • Build ERC 20 token smart contracts.

    • Build ERC 2535 diamond proxies and other proxy contracts

    • Build ERC 1167 Clones smart contracts.

    • Build Create 2 and Create 3 factory contracts.

  •  I can help building the following features with ease:

    • Build P2P off chain infrastructures using Libp2p

    • Build Rest and GraphQL APIs

    • Build Microservice based backend servers.

    • Build websockets based backend servers.

    • Build Nestjs based backend server.

    • Build Node.js and Express.js based backend server.

    • Build (Rust) based backend server.

  •  I can help building the following features with ease:

    • Build perpetual derivative smart contracts

    • Build tokenization and tokenomics with staking and vesting

    • Build fixed and dynamic lending smart contracts

    • Build fixed and dynamic staking rewards smart contracts.

    • Build vesting schedules smart contracts.

    • Build decentralized exchange smart contracts like uniswap.

  •  I can help building the following features with ease:

    • Build Governance smart contracts.

    • Build Goverance autonomous systems with voting.

    • Build web 3 social features using Lens, Cyberconnect, Farcaster.

    • Build web 3 social subgraphs or data indexers

  •  I can help building the following features with ease:

    • Build custom Solana smart contracts using Anchor lang.

    • Build SPL tokens with Metaplex and Token 2022.

    • Build GameFi and DeFi smart contracts with Anchor Lang.

    • Integrate solana smart contracts and wallets for Dapps.

Venkatesh Rajendran @ Tech Lead Web3 Engineer

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